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Community Farmer's Market

Saturday, October 6th, 2018 from 7:15am to 12:00pm (PT)
Ray-Jay Topinio
Jeffrey Hudson

I enjoyed giving the service. It was a great day.

Gave 4.75 hours on 10/06/2018 with National Society of Leadership & Success - UNLV Chapter, Las Vegas, The National Society of Leadership and Success- UNLV Chapter, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Rachel Wallace

Although the communication on where to meet at was a little confusing, overall the facilitators who were running the event had the volunteers more involved in the reasons as to why we volunteer rather than having us accomplish another task on the to do list. The event was very impactful both for the families in need as well as the volunteers. This event was a time were we had the chance to physically see the need and help fill the need and then some. We had the chance to reach out and talk to families. This event also evokes a willingness to help low income families in other areas as well such as jobs, health etc.

Gave 4.75 hours on 10/06/2018 with University of Nevada Las Vegas
Lauren Eyler
Catherine Roldan